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Dead Skelton           Anthony Stango

Anthony Stango (born December 17, 1957) is a singer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist. Stango rose to prominence in New York’s Greenwich Village as a member of Whiteboys releasing their first record in 1978. With a heavy drug addiction through out the 80's and early 90's, Stango’s performances were erratic and too few and far between. His popularity waned.

He completed rehabilitation in February 1994 and has remained drug free. However, more obstacles lie ahead. In 2000, Anthony underwent surgery to repair damaged vocal chords. Told he may never sing again, he begins the long journey back. In 2008, Stango launches Rayoscope Records and begins his remarkable comeback with a ten song cd titled, Love’s Gonna Kill Me. Not only singing, but writing, producing and playing every instrument on every song. Earning him the nickname (The Roy Hobbs of Rock & Roll). Following this up with 2009's Stop Look & Lick and 2010's Infinity’s Child.


Forming his first band at the age of ten, (The Expression) then moving on to (Garden Stone), (Rebel), and the (Liah Starr Band), Anthony had paid some considerable dues at an early age. It was in the summer of 1977 when he met up with guitarist’s Steve William, a.k.a. Steve "Fiddle boy" Miller and John Lee Cooper.

They formed a cover band Raggs, but broke up in less than a year. Now writing his own material, he decided to form a new band with William. In the summer of "78" Whiteboys was born. They debuted at C.B.G.B.’s on th Bowery with bassist Dave Kristen, guitarist Jamie Holiday, (Vampyre Bunnies), Steve William, (Ambulance) on guitar, and Stango on drums. Riding high with great reviews, they were regulars at every major club along the coast. The bands lineup changed numerous times over the next few years. The exit of Holiday had Stango moving to rhythm guitar with Richie Ramone (The Ramones) replacing him on drums. They continued touring the northeast until disbanding sometime in the early 80's.


Anthony Stango was born December 17, 1957 in Newark, NJ, the son of Rose Marie, (nee DiNardo) and Donato Stango. His mother and father are of Italian decent. He has three children. Jessica Genander, April Russell, Samantha Stango and four grandchildren. Stango lived in NJ until 1994. He now resides in Las Vegas, NV.

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