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Infinity's Child

Anthony Stango is one of those artists that is very difficult to pigeonhole into any single genre. During the ten-song fueled journey of Infinity’s Child, Stango treats us to a widely diverse sampling of musical styles.

From the early British Pop sounds of "A Place For Us", through the ZZ Top-ish power of "Leave Me Alone", and on through other numbers that hint of a John Lennon school of inner recollection, this album always leaves you wondering what is coming next! Often, an album displaying so many diverse styles can feel disjointed and lacking any personality. That is not the case with this artist. Regardless of the style of any particular tune, there is plenty of Stango's personality to go around ... as well as a more than fair mastery of singing, playing, arranging and song-writing.

Anthony Stango is a "one-man-band" in the truest sense of the word, and while he may not be the ultimate master of any of the given instruments performed on this album, he makes great musical decisions ... the instrumentation always serves the song without overpowering or stretching beyond his ability.

This was a very enjoyable listen, is HIGHLY recommended, and I look forward to hearing more from this artist.

Loves Gonna Kill Me

Just when I thought rock music was dead or at least circling the drain, along comes Anthony Stango to give it a shake and a stir and bring it back to life. We've been waiting for this.

Stop Look and Lick

A. Stango has some killer influences and his music reflects that, while being fresh, new and all Stango. His latest,"Infinity's Child" has a"big guitar"sound that won't quit while the first CD struts a mix of well executed styles. The 2nd CD,"Stop, Look and Lick" has some wicked good production. New stuff every time I listen. All the CDs are united by Ant's"gotta love it" voice and signature song writing. He does it all good. They found a home on my play list.

Reckless Nature - Michael Collier - 5 stars

In an era when music exec’s and musicians are running scared, Anthony Stango, not only takes us to a place that once was, he grabs us by the back of the neck and throws us down a flight of stairs to get us there quicker.

From the first cut, the politically fueled “Revolooted”, the listener gets a feel for the civil unrest in the middle east, “Someone told me all I need is love, He must have laughed the whole way home, The smell of shit and burning gasoline, Bloody hands around my throat”.

Even the Clockwork Orange tribute, “I Don’t Mind” “Make me over, show me pictures give me pills, change my state of mind, I’m a joker, just a fool that’s standing still, I don’t mind, Yeah Yeah Yeah” will have you doing soft shoe kicks into the groins of innocent bystanders.

The production is vintage Stango. Killer simplistic guitar work and soulful vocals that get straight to the point. Using his “Less is More” approach, Stango has mastered the ability for using the most appropriate riffs and instrumental techniques at just the right moment.

Among the many highlights of Reckless Nature is the lyric content and the artist’s vocal abilities. Stango shows off a wide range of influence and style with the Robert Plantish “Better Off Dead” to the emotional tear jerker with the closing “Every Mother’s Son”.

All in all I found this album a delightful listen. Fresh, energetic and full of passion. Stango’s new album Reckless Nature is the wake up call and kick in the ass we all needed. Whether or not it’s the breakout album that is long overdue only time will tell.

Greatest Hits Volume I

Like all good Greatest Hits compilations the first song chosen sets the mood for the listener, letting them know what type of trip they are about to be taken on. "Leave Me Alone" does just that for the entirety of this album. As one of the best songs to represent his catalog, it also lets the listener know it’s time to fasten your seatbelt and hold on.

Stango is known for his simplistic approach and intense harmonies just as much as his heart pumping grooves. This collection goes perfect with some headphones and a bottle of wine. (Red or White). This set is a constant stream of high energy songs. In the middle, “I Know A Place” is as mellow as things are going to get. Anthony’s voice never disappoints and he connects with his highly personal lyrics and harmonies.

While playing all the instruments and producing, his personality saturates this album with his unique style of guitar playing and powerful drumming which gives Anthony his recognizable sound. Rounding things out are two new songs, “One More time” and “April’s Rain”. This album is a testament to his song writing and playful style. Listening to Greatest Hits Vol. 1, you will know exactly why.

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